Lectures (given in English) [Lectures_book]

Lectures will be given from 9:00 to 12:00 every morning from Monday to Friday on the following courses: generalities on inverse problems, linear and nonlinear estimation, contact and non-contact thermal sensors, measurement noise, large scale optimization, regularization, function estimation, signal processing, model reduction or identification, etc.


Lecture 1 - Getting started with problematic inversions with three basic examples 1

Lecture 2 - Measurements with contact in heat transfer: principles, implementation and pitfalls

Lecture 3 - Basics for linear inversion: the white box case

Lecture 4 - Measurements without contact in heat transfer

     Part A - Radiation thermometry : principles, implementation and pitfalls    

     Part B - Quantitative Infrared Thermography

Lecture 5 - Nonlinear parameter estimation problems: tools for enhancing metrological objectives

Lecture 6 - Inverse problems and regularized solutions

Lecture 7 - Types of inverse problems, model reduction, model identification

      Part A – Experimental identification of low order model

      Part B – Modal reduction for thermal problems: Core principles and presentation of the AROMM method   

Lecture 8 - Optimization tools dedicated to function estimation in inverse heat transfer problems 

Lecture 9 - The use of techniques within the Bayesian framework of statistics for the solution of inverse problems

 Invited Conference - Contactless thermal measurements using MRI : applications in interventional radiology and perspectives in pathophysiology.

Tutorials (given in English) [Tutorials_book]


Tutorials will be held in the “La vieille Perrotine Centre” between 17:00 and 20:00 from Monday to Thursday. They will include an experimental and/or a numerical part. Each participant will be able to attend between 6 and 8 tutorials according to the schedule. 


Tutorial 1  - Multispectral Pyrometry
Tutorial 2  - Thermophysical Characterization by Hot Plates
Tutorial 3  - Temperature and heat Flux measurements
Tutorial 4  - InfraRed Thermography / Material and building
Tutorial 5  - Periodic Heating methods for materials thermal characterization
Tutorial 6   - Model Reduction by modal analysis
Tutorial 7   - Identification of Transfer Functions and of Boundary conditions
Tutorial 8   - Heat Flux identification
Tutorial 9   - Bayesian approach for Inversion
Tutorial 10 - ThermoMechanical inversion
Tutorial 11 -  Thermal imaging in semi-transparent media
Tutorial 12 -  Optimal Wavelengths Selection Criteria for Multispectral Pyrometry
Tutorial 13 - Optimal Experiment Design for inverse heat conduction problem
Tutorial 14 - On the use of the Approximation Error Model Approach in Inverse Problems
Tutorial 15 - Experimental identification of mobile heat sources


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