Finding ‘causes’ from measured ‘consequences’ using a mathematical model linking the two is an inverse problem. This is met in different areas of physical sciences, especially in Heat Transfer.

Techniques for solving inverse problems as well as their applications may seem quite obscure for newcomers to the field.

Experimentalists desiring to go beyond traditional data processing techniques for estimating the parameters of a model with the maximum accuracy feel often ill prepared in front of inverse techniques. In order to avoid biases at different levels of this kind of involved task, it seems compulsory that specialists of measurement inversion techniques, modelling techniques and experimental techniques share a wide common culture and language.

These exchanges are necessary to take into account the difficulties associated to all these fields. It is in this state of mind that this school is proposed.

The METTI Group (Thermal Measurements and Inverse Techniques), which is a division of the French Heat Transfer Society (SFT), has already run or co- organized seven similar schools





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